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Association of Servants of the Labor Court of the 3rd Region (TRT-MG)


Asttter is an association that works to improve the quality of life of TRT employees by offering unique benefits focused on quality of life, leisure, safety and convenience.
Sustained by the pillars of the Economy and Welfare, the benefits offered to members are segmented into four concepts that intertwine: quality of life, leisure, safety and convenience.


Social networks

With the challenge of transmitting these concepts clearly to the user, 3Nós created as a solution through our Brand Platform and Strategic Content Planning Study, a visual identity that understood these attributes visually using colors as a tool of distinction.


By understanding that Asttter offers many benefits and this should be clearly captured by the user, 3Nos had the challenge of developing two new portal endowed with usability.

The new institutional sites and services are manageable, responsive design that fits the mobile devices to ensure even more interaction and involvement of TRT employees. They were developed with SEO techniques to be found in the search engines, like Google, with more agility. The portals also have integration with Social Networks, Chat, Forms and Image Gallery. Access and check: asttter.org.br and corretora.asttter.org.br.

Always thinking about serving our customers with differentials that bring results, 3Nós has developed the Benefits Calculator, which is a system for the user to understand all the benefits available that can be redeemed through his balance.


Videos and Animation

Understanding that videos are a digital trend, 3Nós produced and scripted or institutional videos, with direct content that attracted the attention of followers through testimonials of those who use the services and also some of Asttter's collaborators.

In addition, we produced a video with animation of characters and motion graphics that explained better the use and rescue of the benefits of the Asttter Plus Program.


The new communication is designed to attract potential customers and multiply Asttter's Communication and Relationship results. The work of the 3NOS Agency has brought great results to Asttter. Only in Asttter Corretora, there was an increase of more than 200% of customers in the comparison of March 2016/2017.



_ Feasibility Study

_ Brand Platform

_ Website (cleanlimpezaautomotiva.com.br)

_ SEO Base

_ Strategic Content Planning

_ Content Management

_Videos and animation




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