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Management of Condominiums

Pillar Condominium Management has been a company for 2 decades in the management and administration of condominiums.

A 3Nos identified through our Brand Study that, the image of Pillar was far from transmitting the quality of service and provision of services that the company offers. In addition, internal processes and external communication had two visual identities - Pillar Administradora and Pillar Conservadora -, that is, two websites, uniforms and differentiated stationery, that is, a complex and difficult communication for both the employees themselves and the client or potential client.

Through these and other points analyzed, we detected the need for brand repositioning. The new Visual Identity was created reinforcing the essence of the company always having transparency as a principle of performance.

The old tagline, "Providing services with quality" has been replaced by "Management of Condominiums", which in a more objective and direct way, further emphasizes the complete and strategic work that covers administration, cleaning, concierge and professional trustee service.

Always going beyond the scope, 3Nós, also developed Pillar Virtual, an exclusive system created to optimize the work of all. The condominium owners can register occurrences, request tickets, documents and await the solution of the team. And the trustee has a differentiated profile for additional options that make it even easier to manage.

The new communication not only projected a new image of Pillar for current customers, but added new values ​​to a new level in the condominium management market.

DNA, Essence and Purpose of the Mark, a conceptual study

Swot, Keywords, Brand Floor, Brand Promise, Brand Idea, Brand Positioning, Brand Personality and Behavior, Mission, Vision and Values


Manage, solve and take care of the day-to-day of condominiums and companies providing efficient administration and conservation services and focused always on the well-being of the people.


To be recognized as the main and more reliable manager of condominiums and companies of Contagem, Belo Horizonte and Betim.


- Each customer is unique
- Transparency
- Quality always
- Respect
- Suitability



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_ Website (pillarcondominios.com.br)

_ SEO Base

_ Strategic Content Planning

_ Content Management

_ Inbound Marketing





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